Liquid Diaphragm


Liquid diaphragm pumps work by reduction of a volume using a flexible membrane driven by a crank.

  • Suitable for aggressive media applications
  • Long-life diaphragms
  • High variability
  • Hermetically leak-tight
  • Self-priming
  • Dry-running
  • Low sound level 
  • Flow rates up to 0.04 cfm (1.1 l/min), suction height 17.4 in.Hg (6 mH2O), pressure height 85 psi (60 mH2O)


Technical Overview

In liquid diaphragm pumps, a flexible diaphragm in the pump head is moved up and down via the conrod and through the action of an eccentric on the motor shaft. On the downstroke, liquid is drawn into the pump chamber and expelled on the upstroke. One-way flap valves mounted within the pump head control the direction of flow. Liquid diaphragm pumps are characterized by its compatibility with a wide range of aggressive media, low noise and long lifetime.

Liquid diaphragm pumps are ideally suited to applications where the attributes of chemical compatibility and long lifetime are important such as in digital inkjet printers, as suction pumps for clinical chemistry analyzers and a variety of medical applications or whenever an efficient and reliable pump solution is needed.