November 1, 2018, , Gardner Denver Japan Ltd, also Known as GDJ, ----the Thomas Division office in Shin-Yokohama Japan---, donated one thousand pieces own-design towels to Hama Road Supporter Program in the City Hall of Yokohama, to demonstrate GDJ staff’s care of Yokohama cleaners and commitment to a safe and clean community. GDJ relocated its new office to Shin Yokohama CBD in January 2018.

Mr. Shiko Iwai, Sales Manager (left), Mr. Takaaki Shigeto, Quality Manager(middle), Ms. Yuka Baba Finance Controller(right)

This towel is designed by Mr. Takaaki Shigeto, a quality veteran working for GDJ over fifteen years.

Gardner Denver Japan Team

"The participation of Hama Road Supporter program by donating our own-design towels well demonstrates GDJ’s social citizenship. Furthermore, this goodwill is also an extension of Gardner Denver core values to our local community." Commented by Mr. Shiko Iwai, Sales Manager of Gardner Denver Thomas in Japan, who made the donation on behalf of GDJ.

Yokohama City Road Director sent us a thank-you letter on November 13, 2018 to recognize our staff’s social awareness. This story will also be reported by Yokohama city website later.

Mr. Shiko Iwai, Sales Manager