Gas pumps and liquid pumps for printing devices

Digital inkjet printer pumps

Digital inkjet technology is used in a vast range of applications, such as wide-format printing, decorative printing on ceramic tiles or wood, and in marking and coding systems. The technology relies on a pump to transfer the liquid ink from the reservoir to the printing surface.

Gardner Denver Thomas supplies a variety of sophisticated gas pumps and liquid pumps that ensure the highest print quality in both continuous inkjet printing and drop-on-demand technology. Our pumps are optimized for critical inkjet printing processes, such as continuous ink supply, degassing, print head cleaning, and ink (re-) circulation.

Our liquid diaphragm pumps offer unmatched robustness, and are highly resistant to chemical damage or mechanical abrasion caused by printing inks. Depending on whether water-based, solvent-based, UV or pigmented inks are used, we offer a choice of suitable materials, such as EPDM, FKM, PTFE and FFKM, for the wetted parts of the pumps.

Thanks to our broad range of products and technologies, we can fulfill the most demanding printing requirements, from maintaining constant pressure in marking and coding with gas pumps, to ensuring smooth operation with minimal pulses in large format printers with liquid pumps.

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